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Why Choose Rocketeer Memberships Apps

Increase customer engagement

User-friendly interface for easy management

Gain additional brand exposure

Track consumer behaviours with more data

Rocketeer Merchant Apps

Rocketeer is the merchant counterpart that does all backend management. Rocketeer gives merchant to allocate vouchers, points, stamps, and allow users to promote to higher membership tiers with Rocketeer Apps. Merchants can also create promotional campaigns that targets all Rocket users.

Merchants can conduct simple transactions individually without the need for any POS system, allowing customers to earn points or receive vouchers through Rocketeer. Additionally, merchants can still manage their outlet list and users.

Rocket Membership Apps

Rocket is a all-in-one membership management app for consumers. It consolidates various merchants and their loyalty programmers into one platform so consumers can easily search for ongoing promotions, track membership status, collect points and stamps, and utilise vouchers and promo codes.

Rocket allows consumers to mange and use all merchant’s loyalty programmers, such as rewards, and points in a single platform.

Outlook for Rocket

Rocket allows customers to enter a promo code to redeem a voucher during the promotional period. Customers can
check all outlets listed under the outlet list, as well as the status of all vouchers.

Customers can check their own transaction history, voucher history, and notifications for every transaction using the
Rocket App.

Type of Rewards


A voucher is a redeemable e-voucher that entitles consumers to a discount, special offer, or free item when presented at the point of purchase. Rocket membership apps offers three types of vouchers: gift vouchers, discount vouchers, and cash vouchers.


Stamp-based rewards involve issuing a stamp or mark for each spending or visit, with a voucher reward granted after a certain number of stamps are collected.


Point-based rewards allocate points for spending, which can be accumulated and redeemed for vouchers, rewards, or discounts.

Promo Code

A promo code is a unique alphanumeric code that customers can enter during promotional campaigns or checkout to receive a voucher for a discount or special offer.

Membership Tier

Membership tier rewards offer different benefits or privileges based on the member's level or tier within a loyalty program, often determined by spending or engagement levels. Rocket's membership supports a maximum of 5 tier levels.


Campaign-based rewards are temporary promotions or initiatives designed to incentivize specific behaviors or actions, such as welcome campaigns, birthday campaigns, or spending bonuses.


Referral rewards incentivize customers to refer new customers to spend by offering voucher rewards, discounts, or benefits for successful referrals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ans: Rocket Membership Apps support multiple platforms including iOS, Android, Huawei, and web portal.

Ans: Consumers use Rocket Membership Apps to eliminate physical membership and stamp cards, manage vouchers and promo codes, view transaction history, and ensure points and stamps never expire.

Ans: Rocket Membership Apps have been released, and consumers can download them from their device’s app store.

Ans: The Rocketeer Merchant Apps cater to a wide range of businesses in Malaysia, including startups, growing enterprises, and established SMEs, with a particular focus on retail, F&B, and service industries.

Ans: Learning to use the Rocketeer Merchant Apps takes only 2 to 3 hours with the assistance of a software consultant provided by the company.
Ans: Rocketeer Merchant Apps are based in Malaysia, developed locally as our own brand.

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