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Multi Outlet
Easy to maintain multiple outlet
View Report Anytime, Anywhere
Access to system at any time of the day
QR Code E-Menu
Scan and self-order with ease
Inventory Control
Manage your inventory with recipe
Link to Accounting System
Integrate with Million accounting system
Waiter, Kitchen & Owner Apps Available
Different apps to fulfil different role requirements

Cloud-based F&B Point-of-Sales

Powerful & speedy cloud-based POS system, accelerate your business with Popcorn that is specially designed for cafes and restaurants. With powerful features to keep your business operations run flawlessly, we can help transform your business like never before!

Cloud-base F&B Point-of-Sales (POS)

Elevate your cafe or restaurant with Popcorn, a user-friendly and speedy cloud-based POS system. Designed specifically for businesses like yours, Popcorn ensures smooth operations with its powerful features. From quick transaction processing to efficient order management, Popcorn is here to accelerate your business. Say goodbye to hassles and hello to a new level of simplicity and efficiency. Experience a POS system that’s easy to understand and tailor-made for your website, promising a brighter future for your cafe or restaurant.

The Popcorn POS system is a comprehensive solution that supports both cloud and offline operations, designed to revolutionize the way restaurants and businesses manage their operations. Our system includes three powerful modules: Cashier Module, Kitchen Module, and Waiter Module, offering a cohesive and efficient approach to streamline every aspect of your workflow.

Cashier App

The Cashier App serves as the transaction centre, empowering your employees to process sales efficiently and precisely. With user-friendly interfaces and strong functionalities, the app boasts intuitive interfaces and robust functionalities that transform the cashiering process into a seamless and optimized experience.

Our Cashier App enables Product Category Feature that categorizes and organize various products available into distinct categories or groups, making it easier for staffs to locate products and customers to identify product they wish to purchase.

The Payment Feature of the Cashier App presents a concise summary, displaying the subtotal along with the total amount after adding tax and service charges. It allows staff to apply discounts by selecting existing promotions or entering them manually. Various payment methods, including cash, credit/debit cards, and digital e-wallets, can be selected. The system also supports split payments, facilitating the division of the total amount among different payment methods if needed, ensuring flexibility and convenience for customers during checkout.

The Floor Plan feature in our app is a dynamic and intuitive tool designed to revolutionize the way businesses manage their physical spaces. It easily designate table as “occupied” or “available” with a simple click on the floor plan. This feature assists staff in effectively assigning tables to upcoming customers and tracking their status throughout their visit.

QR Ordering Code / E-Menu Order

Our innovative E-Menu Link feature empowers customers to browse, select, and place orders directly through their mobile devices by simply scanning a QR code. This transformative feature revolutionizes the traditional dining experience, offering unparalleled convenience and efficiency for both patrons and establishments alike

Employees Attendance Record

Our Cashier App goes beyond transactional capabilities, integrating Attendance feature that empower your staff to easily clock-in and clock-out, providing a seamless and accurate way for recording their work hour.

Owner can also enable attendance photo required feature to require staff to provide physical visual confirmation of attendance to prevent proxy attendance, where someone else might clock-in on behalf of another person.

Multi Outlet

The Multi-Outlet Feature within our POS system enable the capability of overseeing and managing multiple business locations or outlet within a single, centralized system. This functionality is particularly beneficial for business that have several branches, franchises or store locations.


Our Report Feature is designed to provide businesses with comprehensive insights and analytics, facilitating informed decision-making and strategics planning. We offers width range of detailed report, including Transaction Report, Gross Profit Report, Product Sales Report, Outlet Performance and Attendance Report.

We provides various sales progress reports to allow business owners to view and do comparison by evaluating from different perspectives, enabling better decision-making.

Moreover, our report features goes beyond just presenting raw data; it visualizes these insights into easily understandable graphs, charts and diagrams, allows quick understanding of trends, patterns and performance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Popcorn provides detailed reports that allows business owners to track all outlets’ performance at once, anytime, and anywhere.
A great POS system can merge and simplify important business operations. Some of the capabilities that can really help your business scale in the long run are Inventory management, Employee management, Customer management, and Sales reporting.
We are pleased to share that Popcorn POS Popcorn POS system is supported under the SME Digitalization Grant by MDEC. Popcorn has also undergone and passed the Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT).
We recommend cafés and restaurants to have a touch screen terminal, tablet for waiter ordering, cash drawer and receipt printer with their Popcorn POS system to maximise its functionalities.

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