Popcorn Point of Sales (POS) Kitchen

Cloud-based F&B Point-of-Sales

Powerful & speedy cloud-based POS system, accelerate your business with Popcorn that is specially designed for cafes and restaurants. With powerful features to keep your business operations run flawlessly, we can help transform your business like never before!
The Popcorn cloud-based F&B Point of Sales (POS) system is a comprehensive solution that supports both cloud and offline operations, designed to revolutionize the way restaurants and businesses manage their operations. Our system includes three powerful modules: Cashier Module, Kitchen Module, and Waiter Module, offering a cohesive and efficient approach to streamline every aspect of your workflow.

Cloud-based F&B POS Kitchen App

The Kitchen App optimizes back-of-house operations by digitally managing orders received. It provides kitchen staff with tools to view orders, prioritize tasks, and track preparation times and product statuses, such as whether an item is still being prepared, ready to be served, or already served. This fosters a more organized and efficient culinary workflow, minimizing errors and enhancing order accuracy. Additionally, the app reduces the time spent manually transcribing orders from paper to the kitchen, resulting in smoother services. Moreover, by eliminating the need for paper, it is also more environmentally friendly.

Orders Group By Product

The Kitchen App offers benefits to both kitchen staff and waiters by facilitating efficient organization of orders. Orders can be grouped in two ways: by the table assigned or by specific products within the orders.

Grouping orders by product allows the kitchen staff to prioritize their tasks and manage their time effectively based on the products being prepared. This feature helps streamline the cooking process and ensures that items are prepared in a timely manner.

On the other hand, grouping orders by table enables waiters to monitor the status of customers’ orders more effectively. By organizing orders in this way, waiters can accurately track which orders belong to which tables, ensuring that customers receive the correct items and providing them with better service overall.

Orders Group By Table

Product Category Display

Displaying products ordered according to their categories enables each order to be directed to the appropriate section or station in the kitchen. This improves the overall speed and accuracy of order preparation and delivery, ensuring that items are efficiently handled by the relevant kitchen staff or workstation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Popcorn provides detailed reports that allows business owners to track all outlets’ performance at once, anytime, and anywhere.
A great POS system can merge and simplify important business operations. Some of the capabilities that can really help your business scale in the long run are Inventory management, Employee management, Customer management, and Sales reporting.
We are pleased to share that Popcorn POS Popcorn POS system is supported under the SME Digitalization Grant by MDEC. Popcorn has also undergone and passed the Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT).
We recommend cafés and restaurants to have a touch screen terminal, tablet for waiter ordering, cash drawer and receipt printer with their Popcorn POS system to maximise its functionalities.

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